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My first children’s poetry book is now available on amazon. 

.99 cents if you are feeling like a high roller. If not, don’t fret, it will be free for 5 days starting tomorrow. DRM free, awesome rhymes by me.


Friday Quiz!


It’s been a while since we’ve challenged you to a Friday Quiz on the blog, so we thought we’d test your brain cells with a quiz taken from our Animal Quiz Cards:            


So how much do you think you know about the animal kingdom? Here goes…

Question 1: Which of these is a nickname for a giraffe?

a)      Stench pig

b)      Reek hog

c)       Stink bull

Question 2: Which animal oozes a pinkish liquid that stops it getting sunburn?

a)       Caterpillar

b)       Hippo

c)       Emu

 Question 3: A group of meercats is called a:

a)      Mass

b)      Mob

c)       Motley Crew

Question 4: How should you deal with a charging rhino?

a)      Keep quiet and throw a rock to one side

b)      Shout and scream as loudly as you can

c)       Punch it on the nose

Question 5: Which animal has the most powerful bite in the world?

a)      Crocodile

b)      Grizzly bear

c)       Great white shark

 Question 6: 500 grams of spider thread would wrap around:

a)       An athletics track

b)       New York city

c)       The earth

 Question 7: Why do bees dance?

a)      To show who’s leader

b)      To give directions to food

c)       To warn of danger

Question 8: Which African ant-eating animal can somersault away from danger?

a)      Aardvark

b)      Honey badger

c)       Meerkat

Question 9: Which animal has the largest eyes in the world?

a)      Blue whale

b)      Colossal squid

c)       Whale shark

 Question 10: Which bird is the fastest animal that’s ever lived?

a)       Golden eagle

b)       Peregrine falcon

c)       Blue tit


Time’s up!

Read on to find out whether you’re King of the Jungle or just a bull in a china shop!

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